My name is Jeremy White. I am a director, writer, cinematographer, and editor whose heart and soul are run by the drive to create. Often I will work with my good friend John Rocchetti, a cinematographer, motion graphic specialist, sound technician, and editor. I also tend to work with my other friend Billy Orr, a photographer, cinematographer, and composition mastermind.

With every event we use our personal and unique aesthetic perspective to capture the details of the day as well as bring emotion and mood to the forefront. With each video created, the quality and production value is of utmost importance. We try to be continuously improving by bringing our work to another level. As people who appreciate the art of working efficiently and productively with others, we respect being a part of your important day and will do everything in our power to present to you a product that you will cherish.
We are based in Connecticut, but not limited to and are more than willing to travel around the globe.

If you are at all interested please contact us for more information. Travel is not an issue, in fact we prefer it.

While you are thinking of something amazing to e-mail us check out some of my favorite weddings below.