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My name is Jeremy White. I am a director and writer with a hobby in acting. I have been making videos since 2003 and have been solely freelance with my craft since 2009. For me creating video, from commercials to narrative films, is not only a career I am passionate and proud of, but it is a craft I am constantly trying to grow. Each project I undertake, irrespective of the glory it may bring with it, is another chance for me to push myself beyond what I previously felt capable.

My approach to projects regardless of their point is to combine what the audience will feel while watching it and what I feel when creating it. It’s important to keep feelings in mind because much like food, a bad tasting meal can be an offensive one.

PUBLISHED ON: Hypebeast, GQ, Men’s Health, & Glamour. Speedhunters, Jalaponik, & Keep Drifting Fun. Those Who Make, Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart & Airows.

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